Beauty School’s Roadmap To Success – (How To Get A Beauty School Grant)

Beauty schools are closing at an alarming rate which could effect the future of our industry for solo practitioners, spa owners, and manufacturers alike. It’s imperative to invest in the latest equipment and technologies to ensure success for students. 

Recently, I had a conversation with Malinda McHenry, my go-to person when it comes to discussing anything beauty school related, amongst other things! Malinda ran her own beauty school for over a decade and will be a keynote speaker at the Beauty Business Summit on October 14th and 15th in Hawaii.

If we want to raise the standards in our industry, we need to ensure the next generation of estheticians is getting the best education and training possible.

During our chat, Malinda shared some valuable perspectives on the state of beauty education, why so many beauty schools are having a hard time, and how we, as an industry, can raise our standards.

Why We’re In Trouble

Did you know that 40% of beauty schools have closed since 2009? With an average of 65 locations nationally per year from 2009-2017.

Yes, that’s a staggering number and one not to be taken lightly.

Here’s why so many beauty schools are struggling:

The Education System

When it comes to post-secondary education, it’s quite common for people to value the academia over “trade schools.”

There were fewer opportunities for students to get support to attend beauty schools and many students have to take out multiple loans to complete their training.

When the government took over student funding in 2009, any school, whether it’s for-profit or not-for-profit, must be registered with the Department of Education.

Now all school programs have to be accredited by an approved board which can costs schools up to $30K to attain.  This adds quite a bit more overhead and administrative costs to the equation. It actually costs as much or more to administer 1-3 programs than it does 20 programs, making it especially difficult for beauty colleges.

Meanwhile, schools that take the “Private” self-finance route may lack the oversight and accreditation. While there are some amazing self funded schools whose tuition can be more affordable, students may not be able to transfer their clock hours and credits if the school closes down, students drop out of the program or even wish to attend a different school.

This creates a catch-22 situation that puts many students in a pickle or prevents them from attending school altogether.

The Perception Of “For-Profit” Education

Running a beauty school is no easy task and unfortunately, government administrations haven’t been kind to these for-profit institutions.

They’ve been cast as “villains” for some reason and their positive impact on our economy has not been acknowledged.

For example, when the Marinello schools closed its 45 campuses across the country, 1,500 to 3,000 people lost their jobs, landlords weren’t paid rent, and no spending was plowed back into the community.

Of course, if a school isn’t providing education of a high caliber, it should absolutely be revisited by their accrediting boards to bring their standards back up.

However, we should also recognize that it’s hard for smaller schools to meet all the standards when they’re underfunded. These schools need our support and that’s why we’re launching our Beauty School Grant. (Read on for details!)

Beauty Schools’ Roadmap To Success

I’m an optimist and I know we can succeed as an industry if we stand together and support our beauty schools.

In our conversation, Malinda and I discussed what we can do right away:

Cultivate Awareness

Generating awareness is one of the reasons that I’m launching the Beauty School Grant.

Even if schools decide not to apply, they’d at least be confronted with the question: how can I make my beauty school better?

We need to think about change. It’s easy to fall back into our comfort zone and stay complacent – which isn’t going to help us become better.

Take Action

Stop dragging your feet when you see an opportunity to make improvements!

I was so impressed when Malinda told me that the moment we opened registration to the Beauty Business Summit, she purchased her ticket right away.

She jumped right in – got her plane ticket and booked her housing – trusting that when you commit and take action, you will flourish.

Investing in yourself and your business is the best way to grow personally and financially. Just take a look at our speakers’ lineup and you’ll understand why!

The worst action you can take in your business is inaction. Share on X

Learn From the Best

Of course, when you invest in yourself you want to learn the latest and greatest from the best in the industry.

You want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely.

At the Beauty Business Summit, we have some of the best institutions in the industry to share their insights and process with all of our attendees.

Invest In the Latest Equipment and Technologies

For your students to succeed, they need to learn about the latest in treatment and technologies.

You need to invest in equipment and hire instructors to make sure that students are getting the most up-to-date knowledge so when they graduate, they can thrive in the real world.

This will require some additional resources, however, your graduates will be of the highest caliber. They’ll become more successful and give back to the school.

Up Your Game With the Beauty School Grant

I truly believe that our beauty schools are really important to our industry.

When our clients leave our place of business feeling better and more confident about themselves, we have changed someone’s life. This is priceless and that’s why we matter.

We need to make sure that our beauty schools are surviving and providing high-quality education to the next generation of beauty professionals.

That’s why I’m super excited about the Beauty School Grant and want to share some details with you.

The mission of the Beauty Business Summit is two-fold. First, you get to grow, learn, fill your brain, fill your heart, and be submersed in the Aloha spirit for two full days.

Then, 100% of proceeds will be gifted to a beauty school!

If you’re a beauty school and want to apply for the grant, all you need to do is to submit a three-minute video and tell us:

  • What you’re going to do with the grant money.
  • The greatest impact you can make in your community.
  • The biggest difference you can create in the beauty industry.

The process is very clean cut. There’s no convoluted application to fill out and we won’t ask you to write an essay! All we want is to support a beauty school who is dedicated to making a positive impact in our industry.

The Beauty Business Summit Team will be looking through all the videos and select five finalists to join us in Hawaii on October 14th and 15th to come on stage with us, share their stories, and tell us why they should be the winner!

If you know a beauty school admin or owner, share this article or TAG them in the comments below! Let’s do this together!

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