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Positive LeadershipIn Your Esthetics Business

Each day we are given a choice on how we show up in our esthetics business. How to behave.  We choose how to treat employees, clients, family members, and anyone with whom we interact every day. Now more than ever, we need positive leaders.

Our world is hungry for heart-centered leaders who desire to make changes for the greater good instead of leading with force or manipulation. It is up to each one of us to do our part, individually and together, to help improve our beauty industry and our human race.

What is leadership?

When I looked up the definition of leadership, I found the following:

ˈlēdərˌSHip/ noun

the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

“different styles of leadership” the state or position of being a leader.

“the leadership of the party” the leaders of an organization, country, etc.

plural noun: leaderships “a change of leadership had become desirable”

To me, this definition reflects an old way of thinking. A new understanding of leadership is less about command and control and more about a positive way of thinking, behaving, and doing, which inspires and motivates others in a supportive way.

Positive leadership can affect our esthetic community in three ways:

Creating An Esthetician Leadership Alliance.

We are powerful in numbers. Imagine what could happen if we united together to create positive change in the beauty industry:

  • Know your life purpose.
  • Read your mission statement aloud every day.
  • Change as your business evolves.
  • Always be kind to fellow estheticians in groups, forums, and face to face.
  • Senior estheticians help junior estheticians.
  • Share knowledge.
  • Keep improving your skills.
  • Pursue all forms of education.
  • Understand that everything you do or don’t do has consequences.
  • Never settle.
  • Practice self-love.
  • Take initiative.
  • Take care of your inner state so that you can care for others throughout your day.
  • Read something new in the beauty industry daily.
  • Practice gratitude every day.
  • Keep a journal to record daily progress.
  • Go above and beyond, even when you don’t want to.
  • Connect to something higher (whatever that might be for you).
  • Be of service.

The Most Successful Esthetic Business Owners Practice Positive Leadership

Successful esthetic business owners practice positive leadership by living their mission and walking in their values. All team members are in alignment with the company’s belief system, as they greet clients and carry out their workday.

These leaders implement daily team-building activities to encourage employees’ growth and productivity. They do what is right and not what is necessarily easy. Positive esthetic business owners continually coach and mentor their spa team members to help them develop a greater level of self-awareness and skills to grow as individuals.

Such owners are in the business of growing and encouraging people, which has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Estheticians Lead Clients

As an esthetician, you are a leader. You are a coach and mentor to your clients who count on you to show them what to do during and in between appointments. Everything you do or don’t do counts. Your job involves delivering outstanding services, regardless if you receive gratuity or not.

As a leader, you speak to your clients with utmost kindness, love, and respect. You have the ability to build your clients up or tear them down in a split second.

Leadership is a topic of discussion in my live workshops, as well as in my online learning programs. I believe positive leadership is one of the principal foundations to run a successful business and live an abundant life. Get started on your path to creating the successful business you deserve!

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