Should You Join An Empowered Esthetician Mastermind Group?


Empowered Esthetician Mastermind Group maxine drake coachIn your quest to learn success techniques, you may have heard of mastermind groups. But you may wonder, “should I join such a group as an esthetician or spa business owner?” “Is an esthetician mastermind group right for me?”

I’ll be honest. I have joined quite a few masterminds in the past and the experience was a mixed bag. Some groups were helpful but most didn’t have the structure to deliver the true benefits of a mastermind.

Actually, my first business coach encouraged me to start a mastermind group for estheticians many years ago. I resisted the suggestion because most masterminds I have joined weren’t anything more than group coaching.

If I created a mastermind alliance, the format would be in alignment with Napoleon Hill.

Fast forward to today, as we have designed the Empowered Esthetician Mastermind Alliance. We may be currently in session, however, you may get on the list for our next enrollment.

We carefully hand-select our members to ensure that we have a synergistic community of spa owners who complement one other.

Now you may wonder, “what’s a Mastermind and what will such an alliance do for me and my business?”

What’s an Esthetician Mastermind?

Everyone seems to have a slightly different take on what a mastermind group entails so let’s start by clarifying what our Empowered Esthetician Mastermind is all about.

The mastermind is designed as a place where a group of esthetician owners meets twice a month (zoom) in a spirit of perfect harmony to help each other achieve goals, purposes, or objectives.

We’re guided by the idea that “the source of all power is organized effort” — so, what does that mean?

Without getting too much into quantum physics, here’s the idea: every mind is both a broadcasting and receiving station of vibrations and thought frequencies. When we put our intentions and energy into a collaborative effort, a third mind is formed — a whole that’s larger than the sum of its parts. This is also referred to as “mind chemistry”.

Our Esthetician Mastermind Group

We keep our esthetician mastermind alliance small — around 5 to 6 members at a time. This allows us to create powerful, synergistic relationships while ensuring each member gets the support and attention deserved.

During our meetings, each member has a turn to share current projects, as well as receive advice, counsel, and ideas from the other members. You get powerful results since each member is directing attention and energy to you and you alone.

In return, we ask for each member’s full presence. Commitment to the Empowered Esthetician Mastermind is vital. So is coming together in the spirit of perfect harmony and affinity for one another. The regular meetings allow members to hold each other accountable while offering practical solutions to real challenges.

How to Get the Most Out of the Empowered Esthetician Mastermind

Just like anything else in life, what you get out of this mastermind is proportional to what you’re willing to invest in it. The more you’re clear about what you want to get out of it, the more you can benefit from the experience.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to see if the Empowered Esthetician Mastermind is right for you and get yourself prepared to reap the benefits of this powerful format:

  • What do you want for your business and life?
    Knowing what you want for yourself is the first step to clearly articulating your vision so you can ask for the exact support you need to help you obtain your goal.
  • Where do you want to be in the future?
    Having a clear objective is the key to designing and implementing the right strategies to get where you want to be.
  • What’s preventing you from achieving your vision?
    Identifying your roadblocks will help you get the exact support you need from the mastermind group. More likely than not, someone has been in your shoes and can give you practical guidance on how to overcome your challenges.
  • What’s slowing you down?
    Whether it’s personal issues, mindset challenges, or the practicalities of running a business, supportive group dynamic members can offer the encouragement and accountability you need to accelerate your progress.
  • How are you at supporting others?
    Of course, support and encouragement go both ways. How you support others will affect the dynamics of the group and we’re committed to selecting members that’ll create the best synergies together so everyone can achieve her goals.


Want to explore if the Empowered Esthetician Mastermind is right for you? Fill out this quick assessment and we shall contact you!

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  1. Dear Maxine Drake.

    I led a Mastermind group in the beauty industry in Europe (the Netherlands), but I stopped doing this simply because the market in the English-speaking countries is 40X larger than in the Netherlands. However: Because as a European I have little knowledge of local taxes, salon regulations, etc., it seems wiser to me to work with someone like you in the cooperative spirit of the Mastermind.

    You know the local customs, already have a website and you undoubtedly already have a few entrepreneurs in your group
    to start with. I will contribute to marketing your Mastermind group! My experience in outsourcing sales tasks overseas allows me to fill your (or should I say our?) mastermind group with many new members in little time. Plus finding entrepreneurs for everything else in the field of coaching that you offer. Should you not have a list of companies to promote the Mastermind Group to, I can also take care of that. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for collaboration with me, please email me back or add me on Whatsapp (+316-30-41-18-84.)

    Warm Greetings from the Netherlands
    Paul Hijink

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