How to Create an Effective One-liner For Your Esthetician Business

HOW TO CREATE AN EFFECTIVE ONE-LINER FOR YOUR ESTHETICIAN BUSINESSDitch the elevator pitch and create an effective one-liner for your esthetician business instead. We are taught to have an “elevator pitch” but here’s the problem — nobody likes to be pitched to.

What should you say when someone asks you “what do you do?”

Instead of an elevator pitch, create an effective one-liner for your esthetician business. Instead of rambling about your many offerings, memorize a one-liner to help prospects understand and remember your niche. 

A one-liner was coined in Hollywood to effectively market a new movie release. You have read one-liners to help you determine what you want to see at the box office.

We can use the same marketing tool for our Beauty business.

How to Create an Effective One-liner For Your Esthetician Business

Your one-liner provides a clear answer to the important question, “what do you do?” Memorize your one-liner so you’re ready to answer anytime and anywhere. Here’s how to create yours:

  • Keep in mind that an effective one-liner doesn’t literally have to be one sentence! It simply needs to communicate what you do and how you solve your client’s problems. For example, you can break down your process into distinct steps as building blocks for your one-liner.
  • Start with the pain points that you help your clients solve. By exposing the pain point first, you position your brand as a valuable asset.
  • Mention the product or service that helps solve that specific problem. The easier they can understand how you help them solve their challenges and achieve their goals, they will become curious about your additional offerings. 
  • Talk about the results you deliver. What would a potential client’s life look like when they use your products or services to solve their problem? Prospects want to know where you’re taking them and what positive outcomes you can create for them. 
  • Remember, clarity is key. It’s not the time to be cute or clever. Avoid clichés or common phrases that make you sound like everyone else.

When you speak to pain points and how you can solve people’s challenges, potential clients will remember how your products or services will make their lives better. The key is to make your one-liner succinct and memorable so you can pique curiosity and nudge your audience to take the next step.

As such, a good one-liner is often a single statement that frames your service in a positive way and intrigues people to book an appointment with you.

Create Your One-Liner That Sends A Clear Message

I used to teach people to write up their elevator pitch and have it ready at all times. After years of coaching beauty business owners with their marketing, I have come to believe that having an effective one-liner is a better way to send a clear message to gain more clients.

The reason is simple — no one likes being pitched to! Pitching has you talking about your business rather than putting the focus on your potential clients. Your one-liner helps you turn the focus back to your ideal client and gets them curious.

How do you know your one-liner is effective?

If a prospect asks, “What do you mean?” after you have shared your one-liner, then it’s not clear enough. You can also say your one-liner aloud to a friend or share it with someone who doesn’t know anything about your business to make sure it’s clear.

It may take several drafts and edits to get your one-liner right but don’t give up! It needs to be spot on so you can attract your ideal clients and generate more income.

What do you do after you have nailed your one-liner?

Memorize it. Paint it on a wall in your spa above your retail space and have your team memorize it. Use it in your email signature. Put your one-liner in every piece of marketing collateral. Use it as the tagline for your esthetician business to help your brand become more memorable.

If you need help drafting and refining your one-liner, join us for our next Masterclass in our Esthetician Inner Circle Membership during which we’ll go into details on “How To Create A Powerful One-liner So More Clients Will Do Business With You.”

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