A New Approach To Marketing Your Beauty Business

The beginning of a new year often means opening up to new concepts and approaches to the way you market your beauty business. It’s the time to look fresh ideas and discard what hasn’t been working with your marketing efforts…

The right marketing strategy is essential for attracting ideal clients and increasing sales. Isn’t it true that the best-marketed business often beat the best products or services? Don’t you hate when that happens – especially when you know you offer top-notch services?!

You can’t afford to be the “best-hidden secret!”

However, many beauty industry professionals still struggle with marketing. Let’s get you savvied up!

If you feel overwhelmed by all the marketing activities that everyone says you “should do”, I invite you to take a step back and consider this:

Marketing is part psychology and part skillset.

As a beauty professional, you can get the most out of your marketing efforts by understanding the needs of your clients so that you can communicate with them more effectively.

The Foundation For Effectively Marketing Your Beauty Business

Before planning out your marketing strategies and promotional tactics, you need to build a solid foundation by creating a client avatar. While this isn’t a new approach, many owners have no idea who their ideal client is.

This exercise will help you dig deep into the psychology of your ideal client to find out what they want and need. You’ll understand your target market better and develop the skills to speak their language.

Speaking the language of your ideal client deepens your connection which cultivates trust.

The best marketing makes your potential clients aware of the value of your services and how you can solve their problems – this is most effective when you focus on educating your audience.

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Stop Selling Through Marketing

Marketing has nothing to do with “selling”. Often times, we confuse the two and try to sell through marketing.

Marketing has everything to do with helping your clients and potential clients become aware of your offerings. That’s it.

Effective marketing requires exposure and consistency.

Consider this: about 15 – 20 years ago, the average person could recall a brand after 4 exposures to marketing messages. Today, it requires approximately 16 touch points before consumers consider doing business with you.

When you offer valuable and relevant information in your marketing, you position yourself as an expert, become more memorable, eliminating the need to go through 16 exposures.

In fact, education marketing is the exact strategy I used to get on the map quickly when I started my coaching business. And I have helped many clients apply the same principles and formulas for beauty businesses growth.

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How To Use Education Marketing To Promote Your Beauty Business

There are many ways to implement education marketing into your overall plan but here are some common tactics that are most applicable to beauty businesses:

Teach Workshops

When I was building my coaching business, I traveled around the country for 2 years teaching business and marketing workshops.

I reached out to esthetician leaders in different towns and asked them to help fill classes. My goal was to get to know fellow estheticians and deliver a ton of value.

As a beauty business that serves local clients, you can host mini-workshops at your spa. If you don’t have space to accommodate a class, build strategic alliances with other businesses who could potentially host.

Leverage Local Publicity Opportunities

Besides workshops, you can boost your presence in the local community by seeking out publicity opportunities that will put you in front of a larger audience.

For example, you can write educational skincare columns for local newspapers or magazines. You could also do a talk on local radio stations or offer to share your knowledge at local speaking engagements.

Leveraging local publicity opportunities allow you to offer value while getting to you know your community.

Educate With Published  Articles

You can share your knowledge, offer value, and expand your audience by publishing online articles – either on your own blog or guest posts on other websites.

When you publish content online, you not only establish yourself as a subject matter expert and build trust with your audience, you can also optimize your content for local searches which improves your website’s SEO ranking! Woot!

Improved SEO allows new people to find you!

Share Valuable Content On Social Media

Incorporate education marketing into your social media presence by linking to informative articles, posting bite-size beauty tips, and sharing educational graphics.

Video is a great medium for estheticians – it engages your followers, showcases your skills, builds relationships, and is easy for your audience to share with their friends and followers. Certainly not a new approach, but definitely not used enough.

You can also do polls and ask questions, which will give you opportunities to interact with your followers and provide more value with a personal touch.

Successfully Marketing Your Beauty Business

The best marketing isn’t just about sharing your promotions and offerings. In fact, many people are tuning out such marketing tactics.  Successful marketing is about everything else in between.

Successful marketing is about showing up consistently with your branding message. It’s about having a dialog with your audience and helping them solve their problems.

Have more success by providing a ridiculous amount of value in your marketing efforts. Keep building relationships and cultivating trust.

Try a new approach to your marketing this year and leverage the educational component to build even stronger connections.

We share marketing ideas and tactics consistently in our group coaching membership. Check out the Esthetician Inner Circle to learn proven marketing strategies that are most effective for beauty businesses. From generating new leads and improving client retention to maximizing your profits – and more.

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