how to onboard a new hire in your beauty business maxine drake blog

How To Onboard A New Hire In Your Beauty Business

how to onboard a new hire in your beauty business maxine drake blog

Onboarding a new hire in your beauty business is a step-by-step process to ensure success for your new employee. Have you ever hired an employee who did not live up to your expectations? Reduce frustration by onboarding and training your new hire thoroughly to minimize stress and indoctrinate into your company culture.

Thorough onboarding will improve employee productivity and happiness levels for you and your new team member.

Raising the bar in the beauty industry starts with spa owners. Offer comprehensive training from day one to ensure success.

Here are a few reasons why a beauty business owners should invest energy in new hire onboarding:

  • As a spa owner, you will feel organized and ready for your new employee.
  • New hires will feel at ease and willing to learn in your organized environment.
  • A thorough training helps team members perform at their best. This improves job satisfaction and reduces and minimizes employee turnover rate.
  • Put people first to become a sought-after employer. This can help you attract talented service providers. It may even improve the quality of your clients.

An Effective New Hire Onboarding Process

Have your onboarding process in place before you hire anyone. Lay the groundwork by writing an employee handbook, which will form the foundation for your training and onboarding program. It should cover:

  • Your company’s history, mission, vision, core values, culture, and goals.
  • Human Resources and legal information on employment.
  • Your company’s policies, which may cover health and safety, communication, discipline, work performance, attendance and leave of absence, and more.
  • Employee benefits and compensation.

Onboarding Begins The Moment A Candidate is Hired

Your onboarding process begins the moment a candidate is hired. Making new team members feel welcome is just as important as training them on product knowledge or customer service. Start your onboarding process by having an initial chat with the new hire to help them feel comfortable. A new hire may be feeling nervous also! Use this opportunity to introduce your business’s mission, culture, values, and goals. 

The first few days of the onboarding process are the most action-packed. New employees should meet their co-workers and interact with key team members one-on-one. You can pair a new hire with a “buddy” to help them learn the ropes.

Give new employees a comprehensive tour of your facility. Show them the equipment, the retail section, and where supplies are stored. Walk them through the client check-in and check-out process, with a focus on the expected client experience.

Over the next few months, meet with new employees periodically to answer questions and update them on their progress. These check-ins should be a two-way conversation. Providing constructive feedback to new team members is important. Be sure to listen empathetically to ensure the new hire’s needs are met. It is a two-way street! You may even want to ask how you can improve the onboarding process for future candidates.

Keep in mind that onboarding a new employee properly could require six months to a year. It takes time for anyone, no matter how talented, to adapt to how you do things in your business.

Stepping Up as the Leader of Your Spa Business

Onboarding and growing new team members is a rewarding experience. You are stepping up as a leader in your spa business. Congratulations!

It’s important to put your team members first. They are giving up moments of their life to help bring your vision to life. Everyone plays a part and appreciation goes a long way.

Empower your team members by sharing your brand promise and your vision. You will create a positive culture in your spa business. Everyone will want to work for you!

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