Five Major Beauty Business Website Mistakes to Avoid

5 Major Beauty Business Website Mistakes To Avoid


Five Major Beauty Business Website Mistakes to AvoidYour website is a critical component to growing your beauty business. If your site is not converting prospects into paying clients as well as it could then this article is for you.

Your potential clients search the internet for everything, including beauty services. Does your website convey a stellar first impression?

Because you have about five seconds to state clearly exactly what you do and how you change someone’s life.

Let’s discover how you can avoid some common, costly beauty business website mistakes. We’ll uncover improvements to make right away to generate more leads and bring in more new clients.

Unclear Messaging on Your Header

The header is a persistent element on most websites and one of the first things visitors see when they land on your site. As such, it should communicate a clear and concise message about what you do and how you help your clients.

Take a look at this example and notice how the header states exactly what the website is about. It also piques the visitors’ curiosity to keep reading. You have 5-10 seconds to grab visitors’ attention and get prospects interested enough to keep scrolling!

If you’re wondering where to being… Remember the one-liner we helped you create in a previous blog? A website header it’s a little different than a one-liner however it will get you thinking in the right direction.

Too Much “Esthetician Speak”

Using too much insider language and esthetician speak can confuse your audience. This can cause visitors to leave your site because they don’t know what you’re trying to say. While it’s fine to use “esthetician speak” among ourselves when we talk shop, most specialized terms won’t resonate with the average client.

Instead, communicate your message clearly and succinctly with simple terms and language. For instance, apply the exact phrases that your clients use to describe their challenges or desired outcomes on your website. This builds rapport and creates a deeper connection with your visitors.

Now you may wonder, what can you do to find out how your ideal clients talk about their problems? Ask your social media followers, conduct client surveys, or include a few open-ended questions on your client intake form. Most important of all, listen intently to your clients during consultations.

No Call-To-Action (CTA) and Lead Generation Form

Many beauty business owners make the mistake of not having CTA buttons on their websites. Yet, CTAs are key to guiding visitors to take the actions you want them to take, such as downloading your lead magnet or booking a consultation.

You should also identify lead generation opportunities on your website. For example, you can share a special offer for new clients or create relevant blog content to promote your lead magnet.

Also, put multiple lead capture mechanisms throughout your website to collect visitors’ contact information (e.g., first name, email address.) You can then follow up with prospects using an effective email marketing strategy to build relationships and turn them into paying clients.

Making It All About You

Many beauty business owners make the mistake of telling their life stories, how they started their businesses, and why their modalities are the best thing since sliced bread.

The truth is that people only care about their own problems. They’re visiting your website to see if you can solve their challenges. While it’s important to show empathy and authority by sharing your experience, you should make this section short and position your credentials to demonstrate why your offerings are relevant to your audience.

Save your story for when your clients ask about it during an appointment. Your website content should focus on your prospects by addressing what brought them there and how you can help them.

Poor Quality Content

Website content refers to both written and visual information, such as blog posts, photos, and videos. No bells and whistles on your site can save the day without high-quality content that communicates your expertise and why it’s relevant to your visitors.

If you’re posting before/after images on your website, make sure they’re of excellent quality. Use the same angle and lighting for each pair and size them correctly to avoid distortions. Using amateur images will hurt your brand image — doing more harm than good.

Posting blog content consistently is a great way to drive traffic, grow your list, and position you as the go-to expert in your area of expertise (e.g., microcurrent, acne clearing, lash extensions, etc.) Make sure your articles are well-written, offer values to your visitors, and help you build trust with your readers.

Make Your Beauty Business Website Work Smarter for You

Avoiding these common website mistakes can help you attract more prospects and convert them into clients. When you create a user-centric experience that puts your prospects first, you will build trust and rapport with your visitors more effectively.

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