Hiring Tips for Beauty Business Owners

Hiring Tips for Beauty Business Owners

Most beauty business owners are reluctant to expand their business because they dread the hiring process and fear managing employees. All you need are a few hiring tips to take your business to the next growth level.

I failed miserably at hiring employees as a new spa owner! Until I got it right, under the pressure of my CPA and esthetician career coach! There were honest moments and I knew I needed to take full responsibility. I was tired of getting in my own way and hiring the wrong people.

Many beauty business owners are missing a critical piece: a structured hiring process that enables you to bring the right people into your organization.

Here are some hiring tips:

Hire Slow and Fire Fast

I used to hire hastily just to fill a position. The sense of desperation sent the wrong energy and I always got the wrong people.

Then, I took a breath and lived by the motto “hire slow and fire fast.” This mindset helped me trust the hiring process instead of making emotional decisions. I began to enjoy the journey of hiring new employees!

Here are the key tips to make your hiring process as effective as possible:

1. Write a Compelling Job Ad

To hire top-notch team members, your job ads need to cut through the clutter. If you read most job ads, they sound the same. Think of ways to help your ad stand out whether it’s for a service provider position, or front desk, guest relations. 

Instead of writing a list of requirements, consider how your ad can attract candidates who align with your mission and vision. You should also set the correct expectations by describing the unique quality you seek in an ideal employee, what it’s like to work in your company, and what your brand stands for.

Also, consider your current employees. What attributes make them a good fit for your company culturally and professionally? How are you contributing to their personal and career development to keep employees happy? Include the information in your job ad as well to attract candidates who will fit perfectly in your beauty business.

2. Vet Your Candidates

While interviewing potential new hires is essential, it’s a highly involved process. You should only invest the time to interview candidates who are most likely to meet your requirements.

Review all your candidates’ resumes before setting up interviews. You can glean a lot of insight about a person by reading their resume. Besides experience, skills, knowledge, and competencies, look for clues about their personality and attitude.

“Hire character. Train for skill.”

Look for candidates who take the time and effort to customize a cover letter that explains why they’re a good fit for the position. The letter should also address questions that potential employers may have about their resumes, such as employment gaps or short-term employment at several jobs, if applicable.

3. Conduct Your Interviews with an Eagle Eye

Be sure to ask all the right questions in an interview to understand the candidate’s communication skills, ability to handle conflicts, interpersonal skills, listening skills, industry knowledge, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, etc.

But there’s more! Notice how the applicant is dressed. When someone presents a professional image, it shows self-respect. After all, we are in the beauty business. Looking polished is key.

Pay attention to whether the candidate’s value aligns with your brand. When you hire people who instinctively live and breathe your brand value, you can trust that your employees will deliver the best client experience without you micromanaging.

Also, look for candidates who have done their homework to learn about your business. For example, if someone is interviewing for a marketing role, they should have researched your target audience to share insights about how they’d approach the job and create the best results for your business.

Don’t Go Through The Hiring Process Alone

Hiring the right employees can be an important part of growing your business. Our Elite VIP Esthetician Career Coaching Program provides extensive training on the topic. You’ll get templates for running ads, as well as guidance on how to conduct a thorough hiring and onboarding process so you can build a great team. Apply now to get the progressive training needed to grow your beauty business.

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