Social Media Burnout And Your Esthetician Business


Social media has become a bit much these days for most people due to the negativity and crazy opinions. It’s easy to experience burnout- even though you know you need social media for your esthetic business.

Do you ever feel like you want to just shut it all down? Close it up. Bye. bye.

Social media burnout is real and many estheticians and spa owners are feeling it with or without a pandemic.

Burnout And Negativity In Newsfeeds And Groups

I was talking with a good friend and owner of a professional skincare company about social media burnout. She said, “Maxine, I can’t handle all of the negative comments and garbage that flows through the newsfeed. It’s wearing on me.” 

She was also personally attacked on social media. This is someone who loves to give and encourage others in the beauty industry and the social media experience was breaking her spirit.maxine drake social media burnout and your esthetician business

As she shared her story, it hit home for me too. While I haven’t been personally attacked, I do feel the negative energy in the feed and esthetician Facebook groups. I have witnessed the nasty comments, opinions, and retorts. 

I am an admin of several Facebook groups and I recently shut down one due to the negativity. The lack of respect for fellow estheticians and meanness was making me feel anxious.

It wasn’t an easy decision for me since I have a Facebook support group for my Esthetician Inner Circle Membership program. Members are getting a lot of value and support by being in that group and they’re often interrupted by the negativity coming through their newsfeeds.

Last year, I considered moving our EIC support group away from Facebook onto a healthier platform so members could better focus on their business and marketing efforts. However, most members preferred to stay on Facebook because of the convenience. 

I may revisit the idea again to ensure that our members are thriving in a healthy learning environment.

While some estheticians choose to go cold turkey on social media, it may not be feasible for others. Social media is still a great channel for many beauty professionals to promote their businesses and connect with clients.

The good news is that we can control a lot of what we see on Facebook and other platforms. Here’s how you can prevent social media burnout:

Detox Your Newsfeed

Delete or block toxic people so you don’t see them on your newsfeed and they can’t comment on your posts. You can also choose who shows up on your newsfeed. For example, I set up my profile so that I see posts from some of my favorite people who inspire me. 

Flood your newsfeed with positivity by following people that inspire you and make you feel good. When you like and share those posts, the algorithm will give you more of the good stuff! Yes, please!

Leave Toxic Esthetician Groups

While there is a lot of negative content on social media, there are also helpful and inspiring esthetician groups. Be selective and don’t let FOMO make you think that you have to be part of everything!

Leave groups that are full of toxic people. When you leave, check the box so no one can add you back to the group. Facebook has updated how groups work so when someone invites you to a group, you can choose whether you want to join or not. No one can automatically add you anymore. Thank you, Facebook!

Turn Off Social Media Notifications

Notifications can be distracting so I recommend turning off all notifications. The little pings and dings may not seem like a big deal but can make it difficult to focus on the important tasks at hand for your business.

Get more work completed instead of checking your phone every time you are notified of something. We already know how addicting social media can be. 

Turn off notification from your social media apps and designate one or two time slots each day for checking your feeds and messages. 

Limit the Time You Spend on Social Media

Taking weekends off social media can be a good way to reduce your exposure and limit the time you spend on social media. I have made the conscious decision to refrain from posting on social media during weekends to give myself a break.

You can also set a timer to limit the time you spend on the platforms. Facebook now has a feature that allows you to set a timer! I set mine for 20 minutes a day. You’d be surprised how quickly that time flies by, making you realize how much time you’re wasting! It is super eye-opening.

Grow Your Esthetician Business Without Social Media Burnout

As business owners, we need to use a variety of channels, including social media, to connect with others, promote our businesses, and build relationships with clients. While you do that, be mindful of what you read and who you connect with so you are creating a positive and supportive environment to support your growth

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