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5 Simple Steps to Turn Prospects into Clients

Whether you are fresh out of esthetics school or are a seasoned pro, there are times in your business when you will be asking “How do I gain new clients?” This is a common question that I get on my coaching calls with spa professionals. Turning prospects into clients takes time and specific actions. Incorporate these 5 simple steps into the interactions with your prospects to turn them into clients!

Turn Prospects into Clients

1 Passion: Enthusiasm and passion go a long way- tap into it. Your enthusiasm about what your business has to offer, the magic you perform in the treatment room, or how excited you are about your skin care products is contagious. People want to be around people and in places that make them look and feel good.

2 Know Your Client: Discover your potential client’s thinking. Learn what makes them excited? What problem do they need solving? Get into the heart and mind of your prospect and then let them know you have what they want!

3 Emotion vs Fact: Take advantage of the critical moments. The first message that needs to be conveyed is what is in it for them. Potential clients walk into a business asking “What’s In It for me?” also called Wii FM. Instead of starting the encounter by running through the ingredient deck of your products or treatments or how great you are, focus on them. Create an emotional connection with them by first listening to their skin concerns. Be authentic, listen to them and they in turn will want to listen to you.

4 Value: Often we forget what it is like to be the client. We take for granted what we know and what a potential client may not know. We are in this industry because we have a passion for it, we believe in what we do and value it. Potential clients may not have this experience or point of view yet. When suggesting procedures or introducing new products, be sure to point out the value, especially if you have an introductory offer. The value may be be obvious to you but it may not be to them. If the value is understood, the price is not an issue.

5 Urgency: Whether it’s an email campaign or direct mail, be sure to present them a solution to their problem (that you have identified). If it is a procedure or service, let them know appointments are filling up fast and they need to book theirs now. If it is a product, let them know there are limited quantities so they need to get theirs today. Make sure to present these instructions with urgency in a way your potential clients will feel their best interests are being looked out for rather than pushed.

Bonus Tip: TRUST- People buy from people they like and trust. Be real. Keep your promises.
Stay consistent.

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