How To Handle Unhappy Clients Who Ask For a Refund (and other customer service issues)

If your client is unhappy with your service and asked for a refund, would you give it? How do you handle customer service situations when a client is displeased or wants their money back?

If a customer wants a refund, should we give it to them (even if we have delivered exactly what we promised) or should we adhere to our policies?

If we get to the bottom of this question, it isn’t just a matter of dollars and cents.

It’s about how we treat our clients. It’s about our commitment in offering exceptional customer service, and taking a world-class approach to business conduct.

It boils down to: are you willing to go the extra mile for your clients? Are you prioritizing customer service and client happiness in your business?

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Customer Service Isn’t About You

We might as well be blunt, here. There is a way to connect customer service, client happiness, and refunds:

If you offer outstanding customer service, you shouldn’t have to worry about too many clients requesting refunds.

If you prioritize client happiness, you’d graciously offer a refund to the rare client who, for whatever reason, may not find your products or services a good fit.

Regardless of the individual circumstances, strive to handle the situation as a world-class beauty industry leader.

Did you notice that I used “exceptional” and “outstanding” when describing customer service?

“Good” customer service isn’t good enough in today’s competitive market. Consumers expect a certain level of customer care. “Good” feels mediocre and you want your business to be anything but average.

So, how do you create an outstanding customer experience?

First, you need to keep in mind that customer service has nothing to do with you but everything to do with how your client feels.

Customer service is a matter of perception.

You’re in the service industry and everything you do should focus on delivering the best customer experience possible.

Our clients come to us to feel loved and cared for. What can you do to deliver that feeling in every single interaction?

The good news is, providing exceptional customer service isn’t complicated. You just have to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and consider how they’d feel.

Let’s think about a couple of situations:

Customer Service Scenario 

A new client walks into a spa for the first time. The receptionist is on the phone and holds up a finger as if to say, “One minute.” The client looks around for a chair to sit and wait.

Minutes go by and the receptionist hands the client an intake form as she continues to talk on the phone. She gives an apologetic smile and returns to the front desk without saying anything.

The new client fills out the form and puts it down on the table. The receptionist scoops up the clipboard and disappears through a door (you guessed it…she is still on the phone.)

The client wonders… is there a ladies room back there…? Where did the receptionist go? Hello?

If you were that client – how would that treatment make you feel? What’s your first impression of this spa? Does it make you more or less likely to come back?

Refund Scenario

A client wants to return a skincare product purchased a week earlier.

The esthetician handles the situation gracefully by saying, “I’m terribly sorry that this product was not what you expected Mrs. Smith. It would be my pleasure to refund you. Let me give you some samples of different products and see how you like them. May I call you in a few days to see how you’re doing?”

If you were that client – how would this make you feel? Would you be open to trying other products and purchasing from this esthetician again? Would you feel loved and cared for?

Outstanding Customer Service Is an Investment In Your Business

Offering outstanding customer service is about finding a solution to meet your clients’ needs and assuming the responsibility of making your clients feel taken care of.

Exceptional customer service means good business and here’s why:

  • It’s more costly to acquire a new client than to retain an existing client. By retaining more clients, you don’t have to invest as much in advertising to keep your books filled.
  • Your happy clients will tell others about your services. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting your spa business.
  • Your clients are more likely to give you great online reviews, which will help get more new clients in the door because people look at these testimonials before picking a spa service.
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Now let’s go back to a client’s request for a refund.

How would you handle a refund in your practice? What would you do to create a smooth and outstanding client experience that’ll make each client feel taken care of and want to come back again?

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