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Beauty Professionals Share Lessons Learned During The COVID-19 Transition


Lessons Learned During The COVID-19 Transition Maxine Drake Esthetician CoachBeauty professionals had to completely shut down businesses during the COVID-19 “stay-at-home” orders. Several are still closed. It has been a learning experience and a time of reflection for most beauty business owners.

I asked my Esthetician Inner Circle members to share their greatest lessons during COVID-19. The question provoked heightened emotions, heartfelt responses, and deep realizations that I’d love to share with you:

Make Time To Work On The Business

Working “on the business” has been a struggle. During the COVID transition, many members used the downtime to take care of administrative work they had been putting off. Surprisingly, they found the tasks to be easier than they expected! This was a fantastic realization!

Our members are enjoying the time to innovate and shift their business model in order to scale as they reopen. Some realized they need to restructure their menu, eliminate services, and improve operations.

These owners are taking positive steps by scheduling business-building days, understanding their numbers, and working on their sales and marketing strategies.

One of our members shared that she refined her business model, so she doesn’t have to be in the treatment room 6 days a week and has the time to enjoy her family and life.

You can do this too! Revamp your service menu, pare down your offerings, add retail or virtual consultations, and devote time to high-end services.

Offering high-end services allows you to generate more income, work fewer hours, and scale your business.

Prioritize Health and Wellbeing

We may take our health and wellbeing for granted occasionally. COVID-19 has taught is to prioritize our health even more. We can’t build our business empire or be there for our family if we don’t have our health.

Besides proper nutrition and physical activities, be sure you’re getting enough sleep. It may be easier said than done during stressful times so be sure you’re taking care of your mental and emotional health. Practicing a morning ritual is another helpful way to set the stage for a productive day.

Many of our members also realized to appreciate the little things more. This includes spending more time outdoors or taking a nature walk. Get back in touch with Mother Earth and notice the breeze on your face! Enjoying the outdoors is great for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Take Time For Classes and Education

Recent events make us realize the importance of diversifying our income streams. Several estheticians used this time to take classes and get certifications they’ve been wanting. They learned online consultations and have the ability to work with clients virtually and maintain healthy cash flow.

Members of our Esthetician Inner Circle revisited many recorded Masterclasses with fresh eyes and a new perspective!

Work On Mindset

When we’re busy working in our business, we overlook the importance of cultivating a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset paves the way for improved business and life practices.

One of our members learned to set better boundaries with clients. Prior to COVID, she worked hours all over the place and would schedule appointments any day and at any time. This was an invaluable lesson. She has a set schedule now and has a new love for her business.

Another member recognized her value and self-worth. She raised prices during this time of transition. She isn’t afraid of losing clients and has renewed passion for her practice.

Meanwhile, several members enjoyed the time off and realized it’s perfectly okay to take care of their own needs! In fact, several have the idea of taking a month off every year. This has become the new group goal!

Why not?!

I believe in stepping away from your business for a period of time to gain a fresh perspective and nurture creativity. Go ahead and give yourself permission too!

Last but not least, one of my coaching clients talked about the blessings rather than lessons learned from this transition. I thought this was a beautiful outlook! She has learned more about herself and discovered new ways of doing things. She is more resourceful and can pull herself from emotional or mental dark places.

When Life Challenges Us

… we do our best to look for the silver lining. As humans, we understand there are lessons that will eventually emerge. Challenges in life remind us to focus on the things we want more of. If we dwell on situations instead of looking for the lessons – it could affect our wellbeing.

As business owners, there is always uncertainty. Nothing is guaranteed. We make the best with what we have in front of us and always try to do our best.

What do you do in the face of adversity? I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments.


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