Increase Productivity By Stepping Into Your Power

Increase-Productivity-By-Stepping-Into-Your-Power There’s a lot to juggle when you’re running a beauty business. We all want to be more productive and maximize our precious time.

There are hundreds of “productivity tools” and twice as many books and articles on “productivity tips.” While helpful, they’re missing a critical element – they tell us what to “do,” but not how to “be” to increase our productivity.

I’m talking about “how” to step into your power so that you can be more productive running your business. The formula is the same if you are a solo practitioner, or if you lead a team

My dear friend and colleague, Kaelin Jutras of Herbal Skin Solutions and I did a webinar on this topic:

So, what does it mean to step into your power and what does it have to do with productivity?

How To Step Into Your Power

Being “in your power” isn’t about being forceful, manipulative, or aggressive. It’s about doing less of the things that don’t serve you and more of those that do.

Stepping into your power means you own your worth and you value yourself. It means that you position yourself in the right place at the right time.

You have a clear understanding that you are responsible for creating your own joy and your own life.

Being in your power means that your actions are aligned with your values and beliefs. When you’re in this aligned space, it becomes easy to deliver your talents and gifts to your clients and people important to you in your life.

Of course, there’s so much more to this topic and I wholeheartedly believe that stepping into your power is the first step to truly owning your life.

If you want to dig in, watch the recorded webinar here.

How To Increase Productivity By Stepping Into Your Power

It’s important and sometimes easy to forget that we’re in charge of the life we want to create. Yes, we are.

When you become mindful that you’re at wheel, you’ll be able to take responsibility for doing things that serve you and have the ability to let go of things that don’t.

Then, you’ll automatically become more productive because you’re spending more time doing things that matter to you!

So, how do you do that?

Stepping into your power is a process of discovering yourself. It starts with how you see yourself. You need to take the time for reflection and put in the work to take charge of your life.

Here are some key learning points from my webinar with Kaelin:

Get In Touch With Yourself

Make time and create space so you can tune into yourself.

Establish daily habits and start your day with these morning rituals. I like to start my day with gratitude, focus my efforts by creating a daily list, and knock out some high impact tasks while my energy level is high.

I also value the mind-body connection so I incorporate exercise in my morning ritual and make sure I’m nourishing my body with proper nutrition.

Kaelin also walked us through a few exercises in the webinar:

Write a letter to your younger self and journal to your future self to help you manifest the life you want.
Create a personal mantra – it can be anything that you want to create – to act as a constant reminder and help you focus your energy.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

stepping into your power Being calm and still is one of the best ways to turn inward, examine your thoughts, and get clear on what truly serves you.

Yoga means “union” and it isn’t just about doing a series of poses. Pranayama, which means breathing exercises, helps refocus the mind and calm the nervous system.

Try this alternate nostril breathing exercise: breathe in through the left nostril and breathe out through the right, circulating your breath in a clockwise motion.

Contrary to what many believe, meditation isn’t about wiping the thoughts out of your mind but observing your thoughts. You’ll gain awareness of your thought patterns, how you create new ones and how these thoughts impact your life.

Define What You Want

In order to start taking meaningful actions, you need to get clear on what “living the life you want to live” means to you.

What thoughts and actions lead you to a state of steadiness and calmness? What lead you away from it? What actions will contribute to your highest good? What do you need to do less?

Practice Letting Go

We’re most productive when in a state of flow because things will happen effortlessly. How can you practice letting go?

Flow state is created by letting go of things that don’t serve you.

Step back and ask yourself what feelings or actions you need to let go? For example, are you saying “yes” to everything? Not taking any time off?

Worrying about what others may think of you? Not setting healthy boundaries?

When you’re able to remove these physical and mental obstacles, everything will become more effortless and you’ll become more productive.

Focus Your Energy With Scheduling

Scheduling helps you better manage your time and keep your energy focused. Your calendar can be your best productivity tool if you use it to schedule everything.

However, it’s not about stuffing more things into your day!

For example, you can create space for self-reflection by blocking out time on your calendar – just like you would for an appointment. You can set aside time to do what’s important for you even though it’s not “on fire.”

Putting things on your calendar gives you the opportunity to pause and consider how a particular activity fits into your day and your big picture before saying “yes.”

Step Into Your Power – Own Your Life

Stepping into your power and owning the life you create is the first step to increasing your productivity.

What are the things, feelings, and actions you do on a daily basis that serves you and feeds your higher purpose? (E.g., daily ritual, connecting with others, learning something new.)

How can you do more of them?

If you enjoy the webinar recording and this topic, you can learn more about Kaelin Jutras and Herbal Skin Solutions here.

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